Choosing & Caring for your Staalmeester Synthetic Blend brushes


What’s all the buzz about??!! A brush is a brush…right?

Once you use one of these, you won’t remember how you painted anything without them!  Staalmeester has been manufacturing high quality Dutch brushes for over 70 years. Staalmeester synthetic blend brushes can be used with all types of paint, but perform particularly well with Fusion Mineral Paint.  Their unique synthetic/natural bristle blend has a short china bristle, blended with a longer, silky synthetic bristle.  The natural bristle ensures better paint absorption while the synthetic bristle allows for a smooth, even application with minimal to no brush strokes.

This top quality brush has a traditional beechwood handle and a coppered ferrule with deeply set bristles which is ideal for painting small projects, complicated moldings, banisters, window frames, ledges, doors, and of course, furniture.  Staalmeester round and oval synthetic blend brushes have a band of orange string that is to be kept intact, as they give the bristles direction and the perfect tension. These brushes are versatile, so depending on your painting technique, you can achieve a smooth, flawless finish or a unique, heavily textured appearance.



Round #22 Series 2010

2010-H-Staalmeester-RoundPerfect for furniture that has flat surfaces accentuated with moldings and beveled edges.  Also good for cutting in.

Pointed Sash #18 Series 2012

The pointed sash brush is ideal for painting detailed furniture edges, moldings, banisters,2010-H-Staalmeester-Pointed window frames, ledges, doors and furniture.  The pointed head makes it perfect for edging work and cutting in.

Oval #45 Series 2010

2010-H-Staalmeester-OvalThe oval shape makes it easy to shift between narrow and larger flat surfaces with the same brush.  It can be used on small surfaces such as spindles and window frames, but also on larger areas found on dressers, vanities, cabinet doors, etc.

Flat #20 Series 2010

Perfect for medium to larger flat surfaces such as desks, dressers and doors.2010-H-Staalmeester-Professionele-Platte-Kwast.FSC_large

Bent Radiator Brushes

2010-H-Staalmeester-BentSuitable for use on difficult to reach surfaces, due to the curved head.  Fabulous for painting the insides of bookshelves, cabinets, and the cubbies in vintage desks.


Don’t allow you brush to sit still for too long as the paint will dry onto the exterior bristles making it much harder to clean.  If, (ok – When) you get interrupted during painting, wrap the bristles with a damp paper towel so the paint does not dry on the bristles.  After you are finished painting, submerge your brush in water and rinse for a few minutes.  It is incredible how much paint is absorbed and held in these brushes so allow it sit upright in water up to the ferrule for a couple of hours and the paint will fall out of the brush and settle in the container bottom.  Change the water until it is clear after the brush has soaked in it for an hour or so.  You can even submerge the brush up to the ferrule and leave overnight.  Once the water runs clear, you know all paint has been removed.  Use the hole in the handle to hang the brush to dry.


Using brush soap every-other cleaning is a great way to condition the natural bristles.  If there is still paint remaining in the brush, and it is allowed to dry, the bristles will become quite stiff.  When cared for properly by removing paint from the bristles before drying, these brushes will last for many years.

Additional TIPS

When starting off with a brand new dry brush, briefly dip into water up to the ferrule to slightly dampen the bristles.  Give the bristles, including the string, a squeeze with a cloth so the brush is only damp – not wet.

When dipping your brush into the paint, there is no need to submerge the full length.  ¾ of the bristle is the most you will ever need, and probably less for most purposes.  There is really no need to get the paint up to the edge of the string.  This will make cleanup easier and make your brush last longer.

Most importantly, dive in and have fun!

STAALMEESTER HAS NEW ADDITIONS TO THEIR BRUSH ARSENAL!!  We will be updating our blog soon with the new Ultimate Brushes ans artist brush selections.

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