Blog Update


We have been so busy in 2019 that this blog has been sorely neglected.  We have finally fixed older blog posts that were corrupted by software updates, and we will get to work trying to stay more current.  The posts have evolved from a time when I was refinishing and selling in my home, to the current day when we have two retail locations to maintain and a building to care for.  Not a whole lot of furniture rehab has been happening, but I’m hoping that tide is turning.  It’s ironic for me to see here that there are no posts related to our large co-op, Vintage Matters in Sodus (where most of our time has been spent this year!); I hope to rectify that situation and highlight some of the awesome creativity and talent that has been congregating in that space.

I hope you take the opportunity to review old posts or check them out for the first time.  I had fun reviewing them for repair – it’s nice to see some of the cool projects we may have forgotten about in the day to day hustle.  Also, please let me know some topics you would like to see on our blog.  I’m open to suggestions and would love to hear what you are looking for!

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