Updating Grandparent’s Dining Set

What do you do when you have inherited a well-made, functional, solidly built set of dining furniture with sentimental value; but it looks tired and not quite right with your current decor?

You Paint it!

Of course, first you need to decide on colors – which is often The Hardest part because Fusion has so many great colors to choose from!

The owner of this set decided on Raw Silk on the bases with tops stripped to raw wood and stained in Cappuccino Stain & Finishing Oil.

Old linseed oil finishes can be challenging to paint over. Linseed oil turns orangey over time and several layers of it can trap years of tobacco residue within it’s layers leading to yellowish stains ‘bleeding through’ and showing up in the final painted finish. If painting, BIN Primer with Shellac can help block these rising stains.

This finish can also be removed by stripping and sanding. Take a look here to see what gorgeous maple was hidden under years of linseed oil.

Such gorgeous maple underneath all of that orangey finish!!

Here’s some Before, During and After from the dining table top.

Rather than describe in detail the steps to refinishing this set, we will just let the pictures tell the story this time. It’s such a dramatic change to a set that could have been discarded without the owners’ vision and ability to reimagine!

We weren’t able to get a final finished photo of the dining table before it needed to be packed for delivery – but this is what the top finish ended up like. We will update our post with pictures once the homeowners send us their beautifully staged home photos!

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