Shameless Before and After Page

No instruction on this post, just scrolling through my photos and thought I’d drop these transformations here. I’m experiencing some indecision, so I find it helpful to review my completed projects to help with Inspiration. See something you want to know more about? Feel free to contact us by dropping a comment/question here!

All of these projects were completed using FUSION Mineral Paint products and MilkPaint by FUSION. You can shop for FUSION locally at Lakeside Restoration Home Furnishings 1833 Monroe Ave 14618 or Vintage Matters 7060 Ridge Rd 14551. Free Shipping +$99 at our Online shop

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2 thoughts on “Shameless Before and After Page

  1. I want to paint my mother’s China cupboard. I want to take the top half and do maybe your seaside blue and the bottom hafe. I think it’s called the raw silk
    I’m not sure how much paint I would need and what the cost would be. I appreciate it if someone would get back to me. Thank you Robin

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